Washburn Nuno Bettencourt Nele Deluxe, Natural

With its figured maple top, birdseye maple neck and gold hardware you might think the Nele Deluxe is all show, but this guitar is made to rock.

Patrick James Eggle Macon Single, Carved Top, Copper

This carved top Single features a beautiful 4A quilted maple top in Copper.

Patrick James Eggle Macon Special, Stained Black

The Special features a stunning Maple top with available upgrades to Quilted Maple and Redwood.

Bad Cat Lynx 50W Tube Amp & Lynx 412 Speaker Cab

From the beginning, the new Lynx was designed to be special and unlike anything else.

Bogner Helios Eclipse 100W Handwired All-Tube Guitar Amp Head

Reinhold took the roots of the Helios through a sonic time machine to create a more modern version.

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Deluxe Pedal

The Vapor Trail Deluxe analog delay pedal combines a 100% analog tone with vast digital control. And that’s just a start.

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Incognito Guitars consists of a select group of industry professionals who have decades of experience in retail and as accomplished musicians. We like to think we pick up where other retailers leave off with our uncompromising standards and knowledge.

We pride ourselves on our ability to hand select only the finest equipment that is sure to exceed customer needs. Once delivered, we’re here to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We’ll go the extra mile to be as accommodative as possible, whether that means tracking down unique models, working closely with our manufacturers to get you personalized equipment you’ll love, and making sure it’s delivered expertly, and in as efficient manner as possible.

When you shop with Incognito Guitars we hope you’ll immediately notice the difference in the level of care we take with our thoughtful and most unique approach!

As we continue to expand, we’re excited to add to our product offerings, grow our reputation, and cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with our customers.

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